Martial Arts Training Centre Perth

Since Hanshi Wayne Spear opened our doors in 1987,  the team at Spear Dojo has dedicated themselves to providing quality Martial Arts classes and teaching effective modern techniques along with traditional values. We set high standards and expectations for our students and for each other so you can reap the benefits and get the most out of your training.

Our classes incorporate practical and effective martial arts from around the world. You can expect to learn techniques from Zen Do Kai, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, Goju Ryu, Aikido, Judo, Muay Thai Boxing, Kung Fu, Kapap, Systema, Arnis and more.

Whether you want to be a Muay Thai student, train towards your Black Belt in our Zen Do Kai program, learn Brazilian Jui Jitsu, or watch your children thrive in our Kids Karate classes, at Spear Dojo you can expect to meet awesome people, train your mind, strengthen your body, and continue to learn no matter which of our Martial Arts classes you choose.

Choose from any of our Martial Arts classes and get started with a free trial lesson.

 Register now or call us on  (08) 9409 4172.

Maybe you’d like to train for the health benefits, confidence, or self defence skills learning a Martial Art offers. Whatever your motivation is, we can guarantee that our team of Instructors can help you unlock your potential.

Take advantage of your free trial lesson, meet and talk to our elite instructors and tour our facilities. What are you waiting for?

Is your child a sports stars of the future?

Our elite sports programs for juniors provides teams and individuals with comprehensive training packages to help kids increase their speed, agility, strength, and reaction ability. With our advanced testing facilities we can design an individual development program to help children excel in their chosen sport and track their progress. Contact us now to make a booking (08) 9409 4172.

Call Spear Dojo On (08) 9409 4172 to participate.


Unit 3 , 12 Buckingham Drive
Wangara WA 6065


Whether you are a complete beginner or a pro athlete, we have a class to suit you.

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