Muay Thai Instructor

“ It’s the tough things in life that mould us! “

Sempai Sandy is the Manager at Spear Dojo. Sandy started training in Martial Arts in 1997 and helps both male and female students of all ages develop into strong individuals both physically and mentally.

One of Sandy’s greatest pleasures in life is the bonds formed with her students, instructors, and their families that she knows will last throughout her lifetime. “ There is nothing better then a big smile and genuine warmth from a student when you see them in or out of the dojo. “

Seeing students progress in different ways such as self development, mental toughness and gaining more confidence as well as reaching their personal goals whether it’s their first level, a higher level, fitness, weight loss or competing in a tournament, it’s all a major achievement to her students and makes Sandy feel extremely proud.

As a Martial Artist Sandy continues to train, learn, and keep physically and mentally strong with a focus on weapons – Arnis and Bo and grappling. Sandy is looking forward to expanding her skills and knowledge in Zen Do Kai karate and developing more specialty programs aimed to help teenage girls and women of all ages.

  • Prob. 4th Degree BJC Muay Thai
  • Black Belt Zen Do Kai
  • Muay Thai Coach.
  • Accredited Muay Thai Judge.
  • Personal Trainer.
  • Fitness Coach.
  • Women’s Self Defence Instructor.