Systema with Alex Kostic

Russian Martial Arts Systema superstar Alex Kostic will be at Spear Dojo in:

Alex will host two exclusive workshops in Perth, both at the Spear Dojo Elite Martial Arts Academy in Wangara, on the 11th & 12th of February 2019.

This is an opportunity not to be missed as Alex is a leading authority on this art and only comes to Australia once a year.

The two workshops will cover Mass Attack, Kaos Fighting, Breaking Structure, Flow, Striking and Movement, Ideas and Establishing Principles.

Minimum age to attend: 16 years+ for BJMA members or 18 years+ for non members.

Places are strictly limited and fill up fast, register to secure your place.

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Alex Kostic


Alex was the first Serbian instructor of the Russian martial art, Systema. He now teaches his own system in Serbia and internationally. His style emphasizes confidence on the ground and the ability to recover your feet after falling, with a fluid transition. He teaches the importance of bio mechanics both in the delivery of strikes from a multiplicity of planes and the breaking of an opponent’s structure or balance.


Systema originates in the Special Operations Unit (SOU) from within the Russian Spetsnaz (SAS equivalent), so you know that what you are learning is both effective and practical. Systema has a philosophy of non ­aggression and teaches students to maintain control and keep a calm demeanor in the face of adversity.

Systema also has a lot of health practices to promote ligament and joint strength, mobility and the ability to improve your health over all through a range of unique exercises, covering all aspects of combat including: punching and kicking, grappling, fighting from the ground, multiple attackers, knife and other weapon defense as well as the psychology of combat.