womens group fitness and self defence

Get both Fit and Fierce with this 10 week program

The Fit and Fierce women's group fitness program takes your workout to a new level and is guaranteed to be 100% boredom free! The specialised classes incorporate a combination of boxing, kick boxing and practical streetwise self-defence to strengthen and tone your entire body, reduce body fat an...

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Like to know how Spear Dojo began? read on..

Wayne was introduced to martial arts in 1975 when he joined a Judo club held at the local PCYC in Scarborough. Wayne also competed in Surf lifesaving and represented Western Australia on five occasions. Whilst at the Scarborough Surf Club he watched a BJC grading being held. The instructors were sk...

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group fitness

Getting fit – are you planning to fail or failing to plan?

The hardest part of an exercise program is often just showing up, we can all come up with a million different excuses to avoid the gym, choose to give in to the excuses and all you are really doing is pushing your goals further away. Showing up is the only way to get results, and with a little p...

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stop bullies

Can we teach kids to stand up and stop bullies?

Studies have shown that Australian schools are among those with the highest reported incidence of bullying in the world with 1 in 4 students aged between 8 and 14 years reporting being bullied every few weeks or more. As a leading martial arts school we are often asked by parents about the best ...

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Hanshi Wayne’s perspective on Spear Dojo

It is rare in martial arts for an 8th Dan to be on the Dojo floor for every available class, Hanshi Wayne sets a great example to all who train under him, but what does he get out of his 30 year commitment to Spear Dojo and the people within?  We asked our founder and head chief to tell us about...

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BJMA WA Awards Night and Ball 2016

Bob Jones Martial Arts WA annual Awards night and ball 2016. Congratulations to Peter Moore awarded BJMA WA Fighter of the Year, and to nominees: Sonja Cassiani - Student of the Year, Garrett Misseldine - Instructor of the Year, Jacob Marrs - Tomodachi, Dan Johnson - Black Belt of the Year, ...

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