Systema with Alex Kostic

Russian Martial Arts Systema superstar Alex Kostic will be at Spear Dojo in: Alex will host two exclusive workshops in Perth, both at the Spear Dojo Elite Martial Arts Academy in Wangara, on the 11th & 12th of February 2019. This is an opportunity not to be missed as Alex is a leading author...

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Lucha Fiesta Wrestling Tournament

The Lucha Fiesta is a fun filled annual wrestling tournament open to all juniors, pre juniors and dragons members - yellow belt and above at Spear Dojo. It's the funnest day of the year! Students choose a stage name and a colorfully designed wrestling mask before making their entrance to cheer...

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kids sports

How to get the kids off their electronic devices

Parents today can struggle to balance the benefits of modern technology with the risks. Children are spending less and less time outdoors and playing sports and more time interacting with their screens. Online activities can seems so exciting to kids that it can be difficult to pull them away fo...

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Teaching Ranks in Zen Do Kai

Our Dojo incorporates a number of martial arts styles and disciplines including freestyle Karate, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. The karate at the Dojo is the progressive traditional approach of Zen Do Kai. Teaching ranks in Zen Do Kai are separate from belt rank, they denote the level of stud...

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Karate stretches

Stretching exercises for improving sports performance

These stretches can easily be incorporated into your daily workout routine and can help to improve your performance in your chosen sport. We need flexibility to maintain a full range of motion in our joints and help prevent injury, stretching not only helps your muscles to be flexible, but t...

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martial arts wangara

How to choose the best Martial Arts club

Finding the best martial arts club for you or your child can be daunting. Learning any style of Martial arts is a commitment and an investment of your time, money, and your trust. You want to be sure the club you choose is right for you, below are some tips on what to look for. 1. Friendly and he...

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