Muay Thai

Respect, Strength, Balance, Coordination and Endurance

Muay Thai classes are fast paced,  high energy classes with the added benefits of self-discipline, improving self-esteem and ingraining a sense of respect whilst increasing fitness and learning self-defence skills.

Students are taught that their training is only to be used in an emergency, and as their confidence builds during each class, they also learn how to psychologically and positively deal with confrontation. Students who take up Muay Thai quickly learn to see beyond the physical aspects of striking and blocking and are likely to improve their ability to resolve conflicts without resorting to physical means.

The advantages of Muay Thai training do not end in the Dojo, the boost in confidence, increased flexibility and new cooperation skills can also help with the academic and social aspects of school and improve behavior at home.

Our syllabus also includes a grading system, similar to the system used in most martial arts to distinguish between the various levels attained by individual students. This allows students to evaluate their progress and development whilst also teaching them how to set and achieve goals. This is a life-long skill that your child will benefit from for years to come. It can improve their ability to study at school and complete chores at home.

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