Exclusive Seminars with Richard Norton

The legendary Richard Norton will be at Spear Dojo in Perth on Saturday 15th September 2018

Richard Norton is considered to be Australia’s most successful Martial Arts export with over 55 years training in the Martial Arts and a movie career spanning some 30 years with approximately 80 movies to date.

He has trained in many aspects of the Martial Arts including Judo, Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, Thai boxing and several Japanese weapons systems. He used this experience to co-create Zen Do Kai with fellow security guard Bob Jones. He has a 5th-Degree Shihan rank Black Belt in Goju Ryu, 8th-Degree Masters rank in Chun Kuk Do (Chuck Norris system), 5th-Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a 9th-degree Black Belt in Zen Do Kai Karate. He has trained extensively with such Martial Arts legends as Tino Ceberano, Tadashi Yamashita, Fumio Demura, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, Pete “Sugar Foot” Cunningham, the Machado brothers and Chuck Norris.

Norton is in constant demand for seminars all over the world, covering such topics as street defense, martial arts weapons drills, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts. His many  years experience as a Personal Body Guard for some of Rock and Roll’s greats finds. Richard is in particular demand for teaching the realities of real life street defense, focusing on aspects such as adrenal dump, stress control and pre-emptive strikes.

He holds a:
9th Degree ZDK – Co Founder with Bob Jones
5th Degree Goju Ryu Karate – Tino Ceberano
5th Degree BJJ – Jacques Machado
8th Degree Chun Kuk Do – Chuck Norris

1. Legend Seminar: Pre – Junior & Junior 11.30am to 12.30pm
2. BJJ & Tactical MMA: 1pm to 2.30pm
3. Reality Based Self Defence 3pm to 5.30pm

When: Saturday 15th September 2018
Where: Spear Dojo Elite Martial Arts, 12 Buckingham Drive Wangara.


Movie Career

Approximately 80 movies to date including;

ABBA: The Movie (1977) – as himself, bodyguard and fitness trainer (uncredited)
The Octagon (1980) – Kyo [was also stunt-man]
Force: Five (1981) – Ezekiel
Forced Vengeance (1982) – Herb [was also a stunt-man]
Gymkata (1985) – Zamir [was also a fight choreographer]
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985) – Caucasian Assassin
American Ninja (1985) – MP (uncredited) [was also stunt-man]
Equalizer 2000 (1986) – Slader
Future Hunters (1986) – Matthew
Millionaire’s Express – (1986) – Bandit
Magic Crystal (1987) – Karov
Return of the Kickfighter (1987) – Brad Cooper
The Fighter (1987) – Ryan Travers
Fight to Win (1987) – Armstrong
Not Another Mistake (1987) – Richard Straker
Jungle Assassin (1988)
Hawkeye (1988)
Licence to Kill (1989) {007 film, no. 16}
The Sword of Bushido (1989) – Zac Connors
Hyper Space (1989) – Thomas Stanton
The Blood of Heroes (1989) – Bone [also stunt-man]
Blood Street (1990)
China O’Brien (1988) – Matt Conroy
China O’Brien II (1990) – Matt Conroy
Raiders of the Sun (1992) – Brodie
Rage and Honor (1992) – Preston Michaels
Lady Dragon (1992) – Ludwig Hauptman
Ironheart (1992) – Milverstead
City Hunter (1993) – MacDonald
Rage and Honor II (1993) – Preston Michaels
Walker, Texas Ranger (1993) – various roles, incl.; Frank Scanlon, Jonas Graves [martial arts coordinator, in at least three episodes]
Deathfight (1994) – Jack Dameron
Direct Hit (1994) – Rogers
CyberTracker (1994) – Ross
The Supreme Warrior (1995) – Earth Warlord
Tough and Deadly (1995) – Agent Norton
Under the Gun (1995) – Frank Torrence
For Life or Death (1996)
Soul of the Avenger (1997) – Sir Xavier
Strategic Command (1997) – Carlos Gruber
The New Adventures of Robin Hood (TV Series) (1997/ 1998) – episodes; ‘The Legion’ (’97), Rossamar – ‘Outlaw Express’ (’97), Outlaw Trueco and ‘Assault on Castle Dundeen’ (’98), Lord Chilton [also the stunt coordinator]
Mr. Nice Guy (1997) – Giancarlo Luchetti
Tex Murphy: Overseer (1998) – Big Jim Slade
Black Thunder (1998) – Rather
Nautilus (2000) – John Harris
The Rage Within (2001) – Keller
Amazons and Gladiators (2001) – Lucius [also stunt coordinator and Second Unit Director]
Redemption (2002) – Tom ‘Snake’ Sasso
Dream Warrior (2003) – Archer [also Second Unit Director]
Mind Games (2003) – Carter Tallerin
Road House 2 (2006) – Victor Cross
Under a Red Moon (2008) – Jonathan Dunn
Man of Blood (2008) – Lee Francis
Dead in Love (2009) – Danny’s Dad
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (2014)
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – The Prime Imperator [also the fight coordinator/ stunt performer]
Suicide Squad (2016) – fight coordinator