Martial Arts for Adults

Spear Dojo offers a range of martial arts training for students 16 years+ including  Zen Do Kai (freestyle karate), Muay Thai (kickboxing), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and MMA (mixed martial art) as well as boxing, fitness, personal training, specialist training courses and more. Our classes incorporate practical martial arts originating from Australia, America, Japan, Thailand, China, Brazil, Israel and Russia so the skills you are learning are always evolving.

Which program are you interested in?

Kick start your martial arts training, call us on (08) 9409 4172

Through your martial arts training you’ll not only condition your mind and your body, but you’ll gain the awareness and the ability to protect yourself if you ever need. Your confidence will be built by self-discipline, you will achieve greater respect for yourself and others.

Our goal is to help you transform into everything you can be. Whether you are a complete beginner or a pro athlete, Spear Dojo has a class to suit you.

Training in the styles and classes offered at Spear Dojo ensures you get a high energy, fat burning, stress reducing super charged workout while you learn the skills to have the courage to stand up for yourself or loved ones if the situation arises.

You can also enhance your training with our members gym, strength and conditioning sessions and fitness classes.

We are located in Wangara, under 10 minutes drive from Joondalup and Wanneroo, pop in and take a tour of our facilities, you wont be disappointed.

Call Spear Dojo On (08) 9409 4172 or email us to claim a complimentary lesson!

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